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Setrab Universal Oil Cooler Mounting Tab Set, Pair

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Brand: Setrab Oil Coolers

This bracket kit can be used in place of or as an add-on accessory for Setrab oil cooler mounting brackets. Each kit includes 2 bent Y-shaped brackets, 2 vibration-isolating threaded backing plates, 2 rubber isolator pads, and 4 screws. Simply layer the parts: bracket, isolator, cooler end flange, backing plate (rubber against the cooler) and run the screws from the bracket through into the backing plate.

The bracket can be installed hanging or standing off the front or back of the cooler, or hanging or standing straight out the side of the cooler. Whichever direction you choose, you will have two 1/4" mounting holes available at the other end of the bracket. The two brackets are enough for one end of one cooler. Use two kits if you want to mount all four corners of the cooler. You can also mix and match, using this kit with one half of the cooler-specific mounting bracket set. This bracket set can even be bolted to the cooler-specific bracket.

Note: For additional vibration protection, you might want to add another set of the rubber-backed Setrab Threaded Isolator Plates, Part No. SET-23-BPSTD for the other end of the mounting brackets.

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