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3 Quart High Pressure Canton Accusump Cylinder

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Brand: Canton Racing Products

If the oil in your engine sloshes away from the sump pickup under cornering, acceleration, or braking, the pump will stop feeding pressurized oil to the bearings. Even momentary losses of oil pressure can quickly damage an engine.

An Accusump is a hydraulic pressure accumulator that protects your engine from temporary oil pressure loss. The precision-machined cylinder is divided into an oil chamber and a pressurized air chamber, with a free-sliding piston between. When the oil system builds pressure, oil is pushed into the cylinder, moving the piston and compressing the air. The air acts as a spring, pushing back against the piston and keeping the oil under pressure. Whenever the pressure in the oil system drops below the pressure stored in the cylinder, oil is forced out of the cylinder and back into the system to feed the bearings until the oil pump starts pumping again.


  • 3-quart Accusump cylinder assembly measuring 4 1/4" x 22" (less gauge and valves)
  • Pressure relief valve (installed)
  • Air chamber fill valve (installed)
  • Pressure gauge (installed -- can be removed and remote-mounted if desired)

Required parts, sold separately:
3 Quart Accusump Mounting Clamps (Part No. 1246)
Flow control valve (choose one):
Manual Accusump Valve, Part No. 1248
55-60 psi Electric Accusump Valve Kit, Part No. CM 24-275X

This accusump is larger than the standard 3-quart cylinder to hold more air and oil, which allows for higher pressures and more volume in reserve. Also suited for very large engines and engines with particularly high oiling demands such as aircooled engines.

Part No.
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CM 24-016

Condition: New

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