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Tire Drying/Purging System - 4 tire, with Hose and Cart

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Brand: Intercomp

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Filling your tires with humid air not only results in inconsistent and unpredictable pressure gain when the tire heats up, it can also shorten the useful life of racing rubber. The solution is to purge the humid air from the tires and refill them with dry air or nitrogen, but that can be a time-consuming hassle.

This easy-to-use system from Intercomp will evacuate and fill four tires with dry air -- simultaneously! The compact, cart-mounted system does not require an electrical source, so it is completely portable and can be used anywhere. Simply connect all four tires to the hoses and connect your compressed air source or nitrogen tank to the unit. Pump the old air out, then switch the valve and the unit will refill all four tires at once. The incoming air is sent through a dessicant to ensure dryness. In just minutes, the job is done!

Includes dessicant tank with dessicant condition monitor, vacuum gauge, tire pressure gauge, and four tire hoses with clip-on tire chucks.

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