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(S) EZ-Up Canopy Outside Female Leg, Eclipse II

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Brand: International E-Z UP

This is the upper portion of the corner leg for the Eclipse II canopy. The lower portion (not included) slides inside, and the "slider" (not included) slides up this part when the canopy is opened. Works on all size Eclipse II canopies (identified by the white powder coated frame). Includes the snap button to hold the slider up and hook fasteners to keep the corner of the top in place. Sold individually.

Measures 1 1/8" square x 60" long. Two plastic-covered metal tabs at the top end attach to the scissor trusses.

(S) = Shipping surcharge. This item incurs an additional shipping surcharge due to its size. The shipping charges shown already include this surcharge. This item cannot be sent by mail.

Note: Remaining stock on hand is the last available. When it is sold out, it will not be backordered.

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