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1.6L Single Piece Graphite Exhaust Manifold (Header) Gasket

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Never blow out another header gasket! This unique one-piece exhaust manifold gasket is cut from soft, 1/8" thick flexible graphite. It can compress up to 50% thinner, allowing it to compensate for as much as 1/16" warpage in your header flange. The graphite material can withstand 3000°F without burning or shrinking. No glue, RTV, or wire rings required! One-piece design for easy installation on Formula Ford 1600 headers. Sold individually.

Because they are so soft, these gaskets are not intended to be removed and reinstalled. If you must remove the exhaust header, you should install a new gasket.

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When you've spent a bundle on an engine rebuild, you don't want to scrimp on easy stuff like gaskets.. if there's a better one for a couple of bucks more, get it.


Virginia Beach, VA


Best gasket EVER!


What more can I say? These gaskets do a great job!


Queensland Australia


1.6L Single Piece Graphite Exhaust Manifold (Header) Gasket

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