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Synflex (Dekabon) Metal/Plastic Composite Tubing, per foot

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Synflex tubing (formerly known as Dekabon or Dekoron 1300) is a unique lightweight composite-wall tubing designed for low-pressure pneumatic systems and air gauge lines. It is perfect for use as discharge tubing in fire suppression systems.

A thin aluminum inner layer is covered with a thick plastic outer layer. This combination provides the strength and rigidity of aluminum tubing with the light weight and corrosion resistance of plastic tubing. It is also considerably less expensive than tubing manufactured of corrosion resistant metal. Synflex can be bent by hand (no special tools required), but it will hold its shape like metal tubing. It can be easily cut with a tubing cutter, wire cutters, or even a shop knife (expect to replace the shop knife blade after cutting this tubing).

Available in nominal outside diameters of 1/4", 5/16" (8mm), 3/8" (10mm), 1/2", and 6mm. Operating temperature range -40° to 80° C (-40° to 176° F). Pressure rating varies with tubing size and temperature. The lowest pressure rating (1/2" at 80° C) is 250 psi intermittent.

Specific applications:
SPA Halon fire systems used the 1/4" size.
SPA AFFF fire systems use the 6mm size.
SPA Extreme Novec 1230 fire systems (green bottle) use 6mm (SP 015), 8mm (SP 032), 10mm (SP 072), and 12mm (SP 081) sizes.
OMP Platinum Series (0.9L and 1.3L) use the 6mm size (CD/323/N/6) and 5/16" / 8mm size (CD/323/N/8).

Not recommended for constant handling of fluids or pure oxygen. Synflex is appropriate for brief exposure to fluids, as in fire system discharge lines.

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Synflex 1/4" OD Metal/Plastic Composite Tubing, per foot

$3.79In Stock

Condition: New

Synflex 5/16"/8mm OD Metal/Plastic Composite Tubing, per ft

$4.29In Stock

Condition: New

Synflex 3/8"/10mm OD Metal/Plastic Composite Tubing, per ft

$3.99In Stock

Condition: New

Synflex 1/2" OD Metal/Plastic Composite Tubing, per foot

$5.79In Stock

Condition: New

Synflex 6mm OD Metal/Plastic Composite Tubing, per foot

$4.99In Stock

Great service


Outstanding product. Fast delivery and is just what I needed. Thanks



great for mechanical for flower arranging


wonderful material with memory and stiffens enough to use as underpinning in many ways for competition level flower arranging for flower shows

Mary the flower judge

Augusta GA

Works well!


Easy to cut and use, just have to reopen cut end.



Top Notch Service!


My company has been trying to find and purchase this special tubing for years. We came across your company and found what we were looking for. We use this tubing to make special guide tubes for Borescoping Pratt & Whitney Jet Engines. This tubing keeps our expensive equipment safe and sound. Thanks Pegasus!


Oscoda, Mi


The Right Stuff ......


Confidence in using the right part in the right place !

Mr. K

Turlock, Ca.


Would buy and recommend


Super easy to cut and form

Hans gruber

Ponte vedra beach.


Tubing for Fire system


I used this tubing with the fire suppression system on our race car. Good quality, bends easily, and looks to be quite sturdy. The only issue is that it is very difficult to cut without crushing it, even using a tubing cutter.

FS Performance Engineering

Bakersfield, CA


Synflex (Dekabon) Metal/Plastic Composite Tubing, per foot

4.9 7