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Dowty Sealing Washer for BSP Ports

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If your BSP fitting or port does not have a sealing flare or O-ring chamfer, you should use a Dowty Sealing Washer to seal the connection at the face of the female port. Dowty Sealing Washers are comprised of a flanged nitrile (NBR) rubber insert bonded to the inside of a thick steel washer. The rubber insert is molded to stand slightly proud of each side of the washer to ensure a good seal. The washer prevents the seal from getting crushed or extruding outwards, which makes them re-usable. Fluid pressure inside the joint simply forces the lip of the rubber insert tighter against the sealing surfaces.

If your male fitting has a concave flare at the end and the female has a matching convex flare, no sealing washer should be used. If the female port has a chamfer, use one of our BSP O-Ring Seals (Part No. 3243-Size).

Note: BSP nomenclature can be confusing because the nominal size refers to the inside diameter of the pipe, not the outside diameter of the threads. If you are not sure what size you need, check in our Threaded Fitting Guide.

Dowty Sealing Washer Dimensions
1/8 BSP0.38"0.60"
1/4 BSP0.51"0.80"
3/8 BSP0.66"0.94"
1/2 BSP0.84"1.13"
5/8 BSP0.91"1.25"
3/4 BSP1.07"1.37"

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3240-1/8 BSP
Condition: New
SKU: 47712

Dowty Sealing Washer for 1/8 BSP Ports

1 to 9: $1.79

10 to 99: $1.59

100 & up: $1.39

In Stock

3240-1/4 BSP
Condition: New
SKU: 47711

Dowty Sealing Washer for 1/4 BSP Ports

1 to 9: $1.79

10 to 99: $1.59

100 & up: $1.39

In Stock

3240-3/8 BSP
Condition: New
SKU: 28638

Dowty Sealing Washer for 3/8 BSP Ports

1 to 9: $1.99

10 to 99: $1.77

100 & up: $1.55

In Stock

3240-1/2 BSP
Condition: New
SKU: 28637

Dowty Sealing Washer for 1/2 BSP Ports

1 to 9: $2.49

10 to 99: $2.22

100 & up: $1.95

In Stock

3240-5/8 BSP
Condition: New
SKU: 28639

Dowty Sealing Washer for 5/8 BSP Ports

1 to 9: $2.99

10 to 99: $2.67

100 & up: $2.35

In Stock

3240-3/4 BSP
Condition: New
SKU: 43993

Dowty Sealing Washer for 3/4 BSP Ports

1 to 7: $3.99

8 to 59: $3.58

60 & up: $3.16

In Stock

3240-1.00 BSP
Condition: New
SKU: 80772

Dowty Sealing Washer for 1" BSP Ports

1 to 7: $4.49

8 & up: $4.03

Not In Stock
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