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Super Racers Tape, 2 inch x 60 YD Roll

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This is not run-of-the-mill duct tape! It is the strongest and stickiest tape available. A roll of our Super Tape weighs 20% more than the same size roll of our standard tape. It's so strong, you may have trouble tearing a length of tape off of the roll. Available in 48mm (2") x 60 yard rolls in "basic" colors: gloss Black, shiny Silver, glossy Red, and gloss White.

We also offer Regular Racer's Tape (Part No. 3321) in several other colors (Blue, Green, Orange, Purple and Yellow).

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Condition: New

Super Racers Tape, 2 inch x 60 Yard Roll, Black

$15.99In Stock

Condition: New

Super Racer's Tape, 2 inch x 60 Yard Roll, Red

$15.99In Stock

Condition: New

Super Racer Tape, 2 inch x 60 Yard Roll, Silver

$15.99In Stock

Condition: New

Super Racers Tape, 2 inch x 60 Yard Roll, White

$15.99In Stock
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Super Racers Tape Good for Everything


I just moved back to Ohio from Colorado and my garage is too small for a project Lotus 22 Formula Junior and an Alfa Giulia Spider. First I had to build a deck above the garage and second I had to label all the boxes of parts. That's where the Pegasus Super Racers Tape comes in. The Lotus consists of a frame, a nose and 7 milk cartons of parts. Well, at least 7. I had a few plastic parts bins left over from the move, for things like the replica Anasazi vases. These were emptied out, the car parts were spread out over several boxes and then each was labeled with Pegasus Super Racers Tape in color white. This tape will not come off the boxes and the writing in felt-tip pen can be changed when you add parts into the box. When not labeling boxes, I keep the roll of tape in the trunk of my old Alfa just in case something should go wrong -- silly to think of, something going wrong in that car. Still and might be possible. Pegasus Super Racers Tape? I think it will take care of just about anything. -- Carl Goodwin

Cactus Carl

Novelty, Ohio


Super Racers Tape, 2 inch x 60 YD Roll

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