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AP Lockheed Master Cylinder Rebuild Kit

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These Lockheed kits include both the primary and secondary annular* seals. These kits fit the old Lockheed "tin can" style masters as well as newer AP Racing CP2623, CP4400, CP4623, CP5623, and CP6093 series master cylinders.

Lockheed used the shape of the nose on the front of the master cylinder to identify bore sizes on the old "tin can" style master cylinders.

AP Lockheed Master Cylinder Bore Sizes
Front of
Master Cylinder
Nose Shape
Bore SizeAP Kit No. Part No.
.62 Bore nose has a 0.25 inch long taper0.25" Long Taper5/8" BoreCP2623-90RK 3514-.62
.70 Bore nose has a taper and shoulderShouldered Taper7/10" BoreCP2623-91RK 3514-.70
.75 Bore nose has a 0.50 inch long taper0.50" Long Taper3/4" BoreCP2623-92RK 3514-.75
.87 Bore nose has a GrooveGroove7/8" BoreCP2623-94RK 3514-.87

* Annular seals have a hole for the piston to poke through. These kits do not include cup-type seals (without a hole). The pushrod dust seal may be plain style or bellows style as shown in photo.

Note: Not for AP CP6467/CP7198/CP9093 center-valve type, CP7854/CP7855/CP6465 rear-pivoting master cylinders, CP6461/CP6465/CP6468 pull-type, CP6026 hand brake type, CP5540 double-ended type, CP5898 differential-bore type, or any dual-circuit (two outlet) master cylinders. Does not fit any other brand.

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Condition: New
SKU: 29400

AP Lockheed Master Cylinder Rebuild Kit, 0.62 inch Bore

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Condition: New
SKU: 29401

AP Lockheed Master Cylinder Rebuild Kit, 0.70 inch Bore

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Condition: New
SKU: 29402

AP Lockheed Master Cylinder Rebuild Kit, 0.75 inch Bore

$28.99In Stock

Condition: New
SKU: 29403

AP Lockheed Master Cylinder Rebuild Kit, 0.87 inch Bore

$28.99In Stock