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Drill-Out Bolt Extractor, each

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Drill-Out™ is a revoluntionary method of removing broken bolts. The precision ground, left-hand cutting, self-centering drill point makes it easy to use even when the break is jagged. The drill body is manufactured using the finest M2 tool steel, heat treated for maximum toughness. The collet is manufactured using a special alloy steel. Just chuck the tool into a 3/8" reversible drill, back off the collet, and drill to 1/2" deep. Then advance the collet and place back into the hole. The Drill-Out firmly grips the broken bolt and backs it right out. Four sizes cover all bolt sizes from 1/4 to 1/2 inch (6 to 12mm).

We also offer the full Set of 4 Drill-Out Bolt Extractors (Part No. 3742).

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Drill-Out Bolt Extractor, 1/4 or 6mm

$10.99 In Stock


Drill-Out Bolt Extractor, 5/16 or 8mm

$11.99 In Stock


Drill-Out Bolt Extractor, 3/8 or 10mm

$12.99 In Stock


Drill-Out Bolt Extractor, 1/2 or 12mm

$14.99 In Stock

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