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Brunnhoelzl Warrior Jack Re-Seal Kit

Click for a larger picture of Brunnhoelzl Warrior Jack Re-Seal Kit

Brand: Brunnhoelzl Pit Equipment

These complete kits include everything you need to keep your Brunnhoelzl Warrior pit jack working like new! All the seals and common wear parts are here, from the piston O-rings to the valve balls. Versions are available for the 3-pump and the 6-pump Warrior jacks.

Please Note: While there is a possibility that some of the seals in this kit may fit another brand of jack, the kit is assembled exclusively for the Brunnhoelzl Warrior jack. We do not recommend attempting to install it on any other brand.

Using these seals on a different brand or model could cause dangerous and unpredictable results, including sudden and catastrophic failure of the jack.

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Condition: New

Brunnhoelzl 3-Pump Warrior Jack Re-Seal Kit

$79.99In Stock

Condition: New

Brunnhoelzl 6-Pump Warrior Jack Re-Seal Kit

$79.99Not In Stock
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