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Nord-Lock Small OD Locking Washers, Carbon Steel

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Nord-Lock wedge-locking washers are designed to prevent threaded fasteners from loosening. Each Nord-Lock consists of two washers with interlocking faces. The cam angle on the interlocking faces is greater than the thread pitch angle, effectively increasing the torque required to loosen the fastener. Mild carbon steel with zinc flake coating for corrosion resistance. Each is enough for one bolt.

The NLCS Series washers have a small OD that matches the head OD on standard socket-head cap screws ("Allen" screws). This allows their use in a recessed hole that is just large enough to accept the "Allen" head. Note that this size is not appropriate for use under a nut (use the larger OD Nord-Lock NLCS-SP Series under a nut or hex bolt head). Install a Nord-Lock in place of a flat washer (using a Nord-Lock with a flat washer will defeat the locking action).

Nord-Lock NLCS Series Small OD Locking Washers for Socket-Head Cap Screws
Nominal Size SAE Size Metric Size ID (inch) ID (metric) OD (inch) OD (metric) Thickness (inch) Thickness (metric) Part No.
M5 #10 M5 0.21" 5.3mm 0.35" 8.9mm 0.07" 1.8mm NLCS-M5
M6   M6 0.26" 6.6mm 0.43" 10.9mm 0.07" 1.8mm NLCS-M6
1/4" 1/4"   0.26" 6.6mm 0.45" 11.4mm 0.10" 2.5mm NLCS-.250
M8 5/16" M8 0.34" 8.6mm 0.53" 13.5mm 0.10" 2.5mm NLCS-M8
3/8" 3/8"   0.41" 10.4mm 0.65" 16.5mm 0.10" 2.5mm NLCS-.375
M10   M10 0.42" 10.7mm 0.65" 16.5mm 0.10" 2.5mm NLCS-M10
M11 7/16" M11 0.45" 11.4mm 0.73" 18.5mm 0.10" 2.5mm NLCS-M11
M12   M12 0.51" 13mm 0.77" 19.6mm 0.10" 2.5mm NLCS-M12
1/2" 1/2"   0.53" 13.5mm 0.77" 19.6mm 0.10" 2.5mm NLCS-.500
M14 9/16" M14 0.60" 15.2mm 0.91" 23.1mm 0.13" 3.3mm NLCS-M14
M16 5/8" M16 0.67" 17mm 1.00" 25.4mm 0.13" 3.3mm NLCS-M16
M18   M18 0.77" 19.6mm 1.14" 29mm 0.13" 3.3mm NLCS-M18
3/4" 3/4"   0.79" 20.1mm 1.21" 30.7mm 0.13" 3.3mm NLCS-.750
M20   M20 0.84" 21.3mm 1.21" 30.7mm 0.13" 3.3mm NLCS-M20
M22 7/8" M22 0.92" 23.4mm 1.36" 34.5mm 0.13" 3.3mm NLCS-M22
M24   M24 1.0" 25.4mm 1.54" 39.1mm 0.13" 3.3mm NLCS-M24
1" 1"   1.1" 27.9mm 1.54" 39.1mm 0.13" 3.3mm NLCS-1.00

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Condition: New
SKU: 85065

1/4" Nord-Lock Carbon Steel Washer, 0.28 ID x 0.45 OD

$0.64In Stock

Condition: New
SKU: 85066

3/8" Nord-Lock Carbon Steel Washer, 0.41 ID x 0.65 OD

$0.74In Stock

Condition: New
SKU: 85067

1/2" Nord-Lock Carbon Steel Washer, 0.53 ID x 0.77 OD

$1.19In Stock

Condition: New
SKU: 85068

3/4" Nord-Lock Carbon Steel Washer, 0.79 ID x 1.21 OD

$2.59In Stock

Condition: New
SKU: 85069

1.0" Nord-Lock Carbon Steel Washer, 1.10 ID x 1.54 OD

$4.44In Stock

Condition: New
SKU: 85070

M5 (#10) Nord-Lock Carbon Steel Washer, 0.21 ID x 0.35 OD

$0.59In Stock

Condition: New
SKU: 85071

M6 Nord-Lock Carbon Steel Washer, 0.26 ID x 0.43 OD

$0.59In Stock

Condition: New
SKU: 85072

M8 (5/16") Nord-Lock Carbon Steel Washer, 0.34 ID x 0.53 OD

$0.64In Stock

Condition: New
SKU: 85073

M10 Nord-Lock Carbon Steel Washer, 0.42 ID x 0.65 OD

$0.74In Stock

Condition: New
SKU: 85074

M11 (7/16") Nord-Lock Carbon Steel Washer, 0.45 ID x 0.73 OD

$1.09In Stock

Condition: New
SKU: 85075

M12 Nord-Lock Carbon Steel Washer, 0.51 ID x 0.77 OD

$1.19In Stock

Condition: New
SKU: 85076

M14 (9/16") Nord-Lock Carbon Steel Washer, 0.60 ID x 0.91 OD

$1.59In Stock

Condition: New
SKU: 85077

M16 (5/8") Nord-Lock Carbon Steel Washer, 0.67 ID x 1.00 OD

$1.75In Stock

Condition: New
SKU: 85078

M18 Nord-Lock Carbon Steel Washer, 0.77 ID x 1.14 OD

$2.55In Stock

Condition: New
SKU: 85079

M20 Nord-Lock Carbon Steel Washer, 0.84 ID x 1.21 OD

$2.59In Stock

Condition: New
SKU: 85080

M22 (7/8") Nord-Lock Carbon Steel Washer, 0.92 ID x 1.36 OD

$3.79In Stock

Condition: New
SKU: 85081

M24 Nord-Lock Carbon Steel Washer, 1.00 ID x 1.54 OD

$4.44In Stock
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