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Brake Balance Bar Assembly, 2.5 Inch Spacing, 3/8-24

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Brand: Tilton Engineering

Proper selection of master cylinder bore sizes is the most important factor in achieving the correct front-to-rear brake bias. A brake balance bar is for fine-tuning the bias.

A brake balance bar works by connecting the brake pedal to the two master cylinder pushrods by a bar that pivots in the middle. Moving the pivot point closer to one side will increase the pressure on that master cylinder, moving the bias toward that end of the car. Bias is typically tuned in the pits, but you can add a remote adjusting cable (sold separately) to allow the driver to adjust bias during competition to deal with changing track conditions and fuel load.

This high quality Tilton unit is constructed from aircraft certified 41-40 steel, heat treated and magnafluxed. The clevises are 2024 T-3 aluminum and accept standard 5/16-24 master cylinder pushrods. The steel pivot sleeve (1 3/16" OD x 1" ID x 1 9/16" long) must be brazed or welded to the brake pedal. Designed for 2 1/2 inch master cylinder spacing.

Note: The Remote Bias Adjuster Cable (Part No. 3526) is not included.

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