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Cartek GT Battery Isolator Kit with Blue External Button

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Brand: Cartek Automotive Electronics Ltd

Why run heavy battery cables all the way from your battery to your kill switch and back? The Cartek GT Battery Isolator is a solid-state electrical master switch that can be mounted close to the battery. It is triggered by a push button switch which can be remote-mounted in the location specified by the rules.

Cartek isolators are designed to meet FIA and MSA requirements for electrical master kill switches. One main circuit cuts off the ground connection to the battery, while a second circuit turns off power to the ignition system and fuel pumps to positively shut off the engine. Solid state construction means no moving parts and no potential for sparks when the switch is operated.

The isolator can be triggered by any number of normally closed, momentary-break switches (push button or toggle), connected in series using standard hookup wire (as small as 18 gauge). Just push the button to kill the system. A latching (on-off) switch located near the driver will reset the system. One blue external kill switch and one internal on-off switch are included with the isolator. (Your car's ignition switch can also be used as the on-off reset switch.) We also offer additional External Pushbutton Battery Isolator Switches separately (Part No. 1068-110-Color).

The GT Isolator can be used with 7 to 18 volt electrical systems (negative ground only). The main battery switching circuit can handle a constant 450 amp battery load (2000A surge capacity), while the ignition/fuel pump circuit can handle up to 30 amps. Maximum operating temperature 185° F. Measures 3 5/8" x 2" x 1 1/2" tall and weighs just 5 ounces. Designed and manufactured in the UK for professional racing.

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Nice high tech solution


Saves cumbersome wiring. Just don't reverse the polarity when jumping a dead battery!


Richmond, VA


Nicely made and light weight


Very well made and lightweight. Should help trim the weight on this project.


Santa Fe, New Mexico


Great product


Installed on my Formula Ford last month and it is a really neat product. It eliminates several feet of battery cable and takes away a possible fail spot on the car. The red plastic battery shut offs are prone to vibration failure. This product has no moving parts to fail and gives an instant power cut by simply pushing a button. There is a second button for the cockpit to give another option for cutting all power and to act as a system master "on" switch. Easy to install


Vancouver, BC, Canada


Cartek GT Battery Isolator Kit with Blue External Button

5.0 3