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Barrel End Clamp for Throttle Cables

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This barrel clamp is perfect for connecting two cables, making a loop in the end of a cable, or preventing a cable from pulling through a small hole. Some mechanical fire systems (such as Lifeline and SPA) use a similar clamp to secure the cable to the firing head handles.

The barrel measures 5/16" (8mm) OD x 0.675" (17.5mm) long without the clamp screw. A 5/32" hole through the center of the barrel accepts up to two 1/16" diameter cables, or a single #8 stud (our standard #10 stud is just a little too big). A single 10-32 clamp screw is provided. The barrel is only threaded from one end, but some work with a tap would allow you to add a second clamp screw from the other end.

Note: Clamping directly on a single 1/16" diameter cable will require slight modification to the barrel. Filing down the threaded end of the barrel will provide a tighter fit by allowing the clamp screw to fit farther down in the barrel.

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Can't decide if I like them...


The included bolt doesn't go all the way "to the bottom" of the cable hole - maybe this is good because you can't then cut the cable with the bolt - however it seems like more clamping would be available with a longer bolt. Also, the area beyond the bolt is unecessarily long, which may cause it to catch on other things while the cable is in motion. That second problem is easy to fix, however :)

Bill the Destroyer

Broomfield, CO

Barrel End Clamp for Throttle Cables

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