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Longacre Heavy Duty 12 Gauge Harness

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Save money, time and the hassle of assembling your own harness from scratch. This harness has all the basic color coded connections: Power In, Start, Ignition, and Accessory. Color coded wires and harness plug match all Longacre pre-wired switch panels for an easy-to-understand and professional looking installation.

Even if you are not using one of our Pre-Wired Switch Panels, this harness can still be used to make quick work of wiring your dash because both sides of the 3-prong plug are provided.

Color Coding:
Yellow wire 1: Power to ignition
Yellow wire 2: Power to accessories to be switched with ignition (rain light switch, gauge warning lights, transponder, etc.)
Black wire (larger ring terminal): To starter or solenoid "hot"
White wire (smaller ring terminal): To starter or solenoid activation post

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