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Ivey Engine Maintenance - DVD

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By Jay Ivey

Now on DVD!

Premier Ford 1.6 and 2.0 liter engine builder Jay Ivey of Ivey Engines prepared this video many years ago to help you get the most from your race engine investment. He covers subjects ranging from proper receiving of the crate to adjusting valve lash and ignition timing. Jay doesn't give away any secrets, but he shares tips that will help you properly install, tune and maintain your engine for maximum performance. Despite its age, this video still contains a wealth of information to assist anyone new to these engines.

Note: This is the same video that was originally supplied on a VHS tape years ago (note how young Mr. Ivey looks in the screencap). The original footage has been transferred to an NTSC Region 1 format DVD.

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Dated, but still valuable


This is a generally informative how-to video (a VHS tape converted to DVD) on the care and feeding of FF and S2 engines circa the late 80s. It's a good companion to How to Build and Maintain Competitive FF1600 Engines by Lamont and Anderson.


Greenwich, CT


Ivey Engine Maintenance - DVD

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