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Aeroloc Short Receptacle

Click for a larger picture of Aeroloc Short Receptacle
Click for a larger picture of Aeroloc Short Receptacle
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Enjoy the precision of Camloc fasteners on panels originally drilled for Dzus quarter-turn fasteners!

Aeroloc fasteners bridge the gap between the vintage look of Dzus EHF5 fasteners (5/16" studs with diamond-shaped backing plate) and the modern durability and 700 pound working strength of Camloc fasteners. The stud and plate assembly is designed to replace the Dzus EHF5 assembly perfectly, so you don't need to patch holes or replace panels. Just remove the Dzus assembly and the receptacle spring, and rivet the Aeroloc assembly and receptacle in their place!

The receptacle replaces the S-shaped spring receptacle used with Dzus fasteners. The rivet pattern (2x 1/8" holes on 1" centers) matches the Dzus S5 series springs, so there are no new holes to drill. This short receptacle is designed for use on grip lengths from 0.470" to 0.740". Shims are also available separately to move the receptacle farther back for grip lengths down to 0.350". Studs and shims are sold separately. Receptacles are sold individually.

Aeroloc 205-3000 Grip Chart
Grip* Stud Notes
0.350" - 0.380" 200-xx07 2x 205-9015
0.380" - 0.410" 200-xx07 1x 205-9008 plus 1x 205-9015
0.410" - 0.440" 200-xx07 1x 205-9015
0.440" - 0.470" 200-xx07 1x 205-9008
0.470" - 0.500" 200-xx07 none
0.500" - 0.530" 200-xx08 none
0.530" - 0.560" 200-xx09 none
0.560" - 0.590" 200-xx10 none
0.590" - 0.620" 200-xx11 none
0.620" - 0.650" 200-xx12 none
0.650" - 0.680" 200-xx13 none
0.680" - 0.710" 200-xx14 none
0.710" - 0.740" 200-xx15 none

* Grip is the total thicknesses of the panels to be fastened together, plus any gap between them (for rivet heads, etc).

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