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Brakeometer AR-16 Dial Upgrade, 0-16

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Brand: BrakeOMeter

The Knob with a Brain!

If you've ever struggled to return your brake balance to the starting point after on-the-fly adjustments, you will love the BrakeOMeter. It's the knob that counts for you!

The brains of the BrakeOMeter remote brake bias bar adjuster are in the special Vernier-style adjustment knob. This precision assembly consists of a center adjusting knob and an outer dial numbered from 0 to 15, with three marks between each number. When you turn the center adjuster knob one click, the outer dial will turn one mark. Each full turn of the center knob moves the outer dial one full number (four clicks per turn, same as most standard knobs). The dial does the counting for you! The supplied zero indicator decal makes it easy to get back to your baseline at any time.

This AR-16 Retrofit kit has a full-size knurled aluminum knob with a 3" diameter outer dial for use in sedans. The kit includes the BrakeOMeter knob only. It does not include the cable to connect the knob to your bias bar. This kit is intended just to replace the old-fashioned "dumb" knob on your existing remote adjuster.

We also offer the full A-16 BrakeOMeter adjuster kit complete with cable and couplers (Part No. BOM-A-16). The full kit includes the strongest, smoothest remote adjuster cable available anywhere. We highly recommend using the full kit!

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