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Tilton OT-2 Cerametallic Clutch Disc, 7.25", 7/8x20, Ext Hub

Click for a larger picture of Tilton OT-2 Cerametallic Clutch Disc, 7.25", 7/8x20, Ext Hub

Brand: Tilton Engineering

This "cerametallic" clutch disc fits the Tilton OT-II 7 1/4" rally clutch. The 7/8" x 20 spline is normally used on Super Vee and Formula Ford 1600 applications (note that later cars converted from FC to FF such as Swift and Van Diemen may still use the 1" x 23 spline from the 2.0L engine). The extended "W-Type" hub (0.55" long overall) projects through the center of the clutch disc by 0.16". This provides more spline area for higher torque capability than the basic "V-Type" hub. Sold individually.

Tilton's minimum recommended clutch disc thickness is 0.253" in single-disc clutches or 0..268" on dual disc clutches. New clutch discs measure 0.283" thick.

Note: Not for use with the stock Ford clutch. Tilton has matched the thickness, friction, and wear characteristics of the cerametallic disc to their OT-II "rally" clutches (Tilton series 66-301 and 66-302). Cerametallic discs are not recommended with OT-II "metallic" clutches (Tilton series 66-001 / -002 / -003 or 66-5xx).

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TE 64185-8-W-25

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