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Optimate DC to DC - 12V/12.8V/13.2V 2 A Dual Battery Charger

Click for a larger picture of Optimate DC to DC - 12V/12.8V/13.2V 2 A Dual Battery Charger

Brand: OptiMATE Battery Chargers

Charge any 12 volt (nominal) automotive, marine, or powersports battery from another 12 volt battery, power supply, or even a running vehicle! This special DC-to-DC charger from Optimate is ideal for situations where you can't plug into a wall: Camping, long days at the track, or even living off the grid.

The 2 Amp maximum charging rate is suitable for batteries from 6 to 96 Amp-hour capacity. It is sealed against weather (IP54 or higher) so it can be used indoors or outdoors, in temperatures down to -40°F (-40°C). Just hook it up to your battery (wet cell, gel cell, AGM or RG type 12V lead-acid, or 12.8V / 13.2V LiFePO4 Lithium) and forget it! There is never a risk of damage due to overcharging.

Like all Optimate chargers, the DC-DC starts with an automatic test of your battery condition. If all is well, the 4-step charging proceeds from Low Volt Start (with BMS Reset for LiFePO4), to Controlled Charge, to Optimize, and finally to OptiMATE Maintenance. Automatic SAVE mode can save most batteries discharged as low as 2 volts. And there is no danger of over-discharging your source battery. A warning LED notifies you of a drop in power from the source, and the charger shuts off completely if the source voltage drops. If you disconnect the destination battery, the charger will automatically shut down.

Operates on 12 to 16 VDC input voltage (50-60Hz). This version has a 6 foot DC supply cord with a 2-prong SAE connector at the end. Includes 2 sets of clamp-type cables (one for the supply battery and one for the charging battery) and one weatherproof ring terminal cable, each with a quick-release 2-pin SAE plug that connects to the 6 foot charge lead on the charger. The charger body features built-in wall mounts.

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