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Optimate 12 / 12.8 / 13.2V 2A Dual Chemistry Battery Charger

Click for a larger picture of Optimate 12 / 12.8 / 13.2V 2A Dual Chemistry Battery Charger

Brand: OptiMATE Battery Chargers

The Optimate 2 Duo is a fully-automatic 5-step charger that is suitable for 24/7/365 maintenance of just about any 12 volt automotive or motorcycle battery. Its dual-chemistry design lets you use it on lead-acide, gel cell, AGM, RG, and even lithium (LiFePO4) batteries! It is sealed against weather (IP54 or higher) so it can be used indoors or outdoors, in temperatures down to -4°F (-20°C).

Just hook it up to your 12 volt battery and forget it! The Optimate 2 Duo does the rest, even figuring out what type of battery is connected. There is never a risk of damage due to overcharging. Like all Optimate chargers, the Optimate 2 starts with an automatic test of your battery condition. If all is well, the 5-step charging proceeds from Low Volt Start, to Controlled Charge, to Optimize, and finally to OptiMATE Maintenance. If you disconnect the battery, the charger will automatically shut down.

The Optimate 2 Duo can save most batteries discharged as low as 4 volts. If the battery is fully charged when the charger is connected, the Optimate 2 Duo will help to compensate for normal power drains by alarm systems, stereo memory, ECU, etc. The 2 Amp output is recommended for lead-acid batteries between 6Ah and 96Ah capacity or LiFePO4 batteries between 2Ah and 24Ah.

Operates on 100 - 240 VAC input voltage (50-60Hz). This version has a 6 foot AC supply cord with a 2-prong North American (USA & Canada) plug. Draws less than 0.5W when not connected to a battery (listed by the California Energy Efficiency Commission). Includes clamp-type charging cable and weatherproof ring terminal cable, each with a quick-release 2-pin SAE plug that connects to the 6 foot charge lead on the charger. The charger body features built-in wall mounts.

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