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Flo Fast Compact Versa Cart for Flo Fast Jugs

Click for a larger picture of Flo Fast Compact Versa Cart for Flo Fast Jugs

Brand: Flo Fast Fluid Transfer Pumps

The Versa cart is specifically designed by Flo Fast to fit the Flo-Fast 5, 7.5, 10.5, or 15 gallon utility jugs (not included). The foot plate is extra-compact to minimize the footprint in storage or in the trailer.

The handle telescopes for storage, extending to lock in place for leverage. A special bracket on the handle has a thumbscrew that goes around the handle of your jug to secure the jug to the cart (the bracket is not fixed in place, so it will adjust to the height of any Flo Fast jug). The 10 inch solid rubber tires roll easily over rough terrain without ever losing air.

So how does the jug stay on that little foot plate? In addition to the handle bracket, a clip on the foot plate fits into a recess molded into the bottom of all current Flo Fast jugs. This combination works together to ensure that the jug stays in place even over bumps. Note that only Flo Fast jugs have the necessary recess and the proper handle shape; other brands will not fit the same.

Holds one Flo Fast jug at a time, or up to two of the Flo Fast stacking 5-gallon jugs, each sold separately. (When transporting two 5-gallon jugs, secure the lower jug using the handle bracket. This creates a solid base for the interlocking top jug.)

Cart only. Jugs sold separately.

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