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2.0L Crankshaft Water Pump Belt Pulley, 38 Tooth

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This high-quality steel pulley replaces the V-belt drive pulley on the crankshaft of the 2.0L Ford SOHC "Pinto" engine. To convert to a toothed belt drive, you will also need the matching Ford 2.0L 44 Tooth Water Pump Pulley (Part No. 166-02-.62) and the 190XL050 95 Tooth Water Pump Drive Belt (Part No. 166-01-190), each sold separately.

Pairing this 38 tooth crank pulley with a 44 tooth water pump pulley will underdrive the water pump at 86% of crankshaft speed (1.16:1 drive ratio) to reduce cavitation at high RPM operation.

The ID on this pulley fit the stock Ford crankshaft, and the 3 roll pin holes keep it firmly mated to your dry sump oil pump drive pulley (sold separately)*. Works with 3/8" or 1/2" wide XL-series toothed belts. Pulley OD at the teeth measures approximately 1 7/8" (2 3/16" at the belt fence).

Note: For use on engines with dry-sump lubrication systems only. Using this pulley on a wet sump engine will require the addition of a spacer between this pulley and the stock jackshaft drive pulley to maintain proper belt alignment. We do not offer this spacer.

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