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Auto Meter Carbon Fiber 2" Fuel Level Gauge, 73 - 10 Ohm

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Brand: Auto Meter Gauges

The Carbon Fiber series combines Auto Meter quality and precision with the modern look of carbon fiber on the gauge face. White numbers, yellow markings, and silver needles offer good legibility.

This electric Fuel Level Gauge will work with a Chrysler or early Ford "73 to 8-12 Ohms" sending unit (not included). This sender style has a non-linear resistance: 73 Ohms just below "E", 50 Ohms at Empty, 25 Ohms at half a tank, and 10 Ohms (nominal) at Full. This range was used on many Chryslers and Fords prior to 1987.

Note: This gauge is designed for use with the original, non-linear sender only. Many aftermarket senders currently sold as "73 to 10 Ohms" have a linear movement, with 41 Ohms resistance in the middle of the scale. Using a linear sender will cause this gauge to read nearly half a tank when the tank is almost empty!

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