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MyChron EGT Thermocouple

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Brand: AIM Sports

Install this Thermocouple 150mm (5.90") from the exhaust port to accurately measure temperatures ranging from 0 to 1832° F (up to 1000°C). M5 threads allow for compact mounting.

The K-type (two blade flat) connector on any MyChron thermocouple requires either a MyChron K-Type to 3 Pin 712 Patch Cable (Part No. MC-008) for Kart dashes or a MyChron K-Type to 4 pin 712 Patch Cable (Part No. MC-208) for MyChron3 XG-Log Auto dash. MyChron3 Gold Auto and MyChron3 Plus Auto already use the K-Type connector. For these dashes, or to extend the cable further for other dashes, use the MyChron K-Type Thermocouple Patch Cable (Part No. MC-203).

We also stock Replacement M5 Thermocouple Mounting Nuts (Part No. MC-018) to move the thermocouple to a new exhaust pipe.

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just what the doctor ordered


These EGR themocouples should be sold in a six pack rather than individually. I have even taken them apart and put the whole unit in shrink tubing, but they still come apart and cease functioning. I even had one melt. I bought two because I thought it wouldn't be long before another failed and I was right. I used both in one race weekend.......


baton rouge,la


Good but...


Would have been even better if it would include two 5mm nuts instead of two.


San Antonio, TX


MyChron EGT Thermocouple

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