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1/4-28 Speed Bleeder Screw, 1" overall length

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Speed Bleeder Screws allow true one-person brake bleeding with no special equipment and without a compressed air source. When the Speed Bleeder screw is opened, a one-way ball check valve lets air and fluid out, but nothing back in. Speed Bleeders are externally identical to our standard bleeder screws. Some other brands use the seat as the moving part, creating potential leak points. Our Speed Bleeders give you the convenience of a check valve without sacrificing the reliability of a standard bleeder screw. Threads have pre-applied sealant to prevent air leaking in while bleeding. This size can replace the inner bleeder screw on our part #3266-05 1/8 NPT 2-Piece Brake Bleeder Assembly and on Wilwood and Outlaw calipers.

Tech Tip: Use two of our part #3139 Brake Bleeder Bottles to bleed the front and rear brakes simultaneously! This prevents the brake bias bar from binding and allows a full stroke on each master cylinder, making the job even more efficient.

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Best bleeder valve screw made


I had a stripped bleeder thread on my brake caliper and this product fixed it in less than 3 min. Not 5 min, 3 min., and BANG! Done Self sealing and back to bleeding my system by myself , don't need any gadgets, hoses , etc , highly recommend!! A*++++++ Product

Glen the mad dog

Cleveland, ohio

Works as described


I was a bit hesitant to try these, but am glad that I did. Very easy one-man bleeding!




Speed Bleeders work as advertised


I used these on my RF81 formula ford LD19 calipers. They work as advertised. Makes one man bleeding sessions a reality. No to call you buddies, by them beer and pizza to sit in your car and push on the brake pedal.


Muikilteo, WA


I would buy this product again and again


Great invention, one man can bleed all the brakes and clutch with no other help. Love it, great at the track for quick flush of air in lines.


Maryland, United States


1/4-28 Speed Bleeder Screw, 1" overall length

4.5 4