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E-Track 2x4 Beam Socket Fitting

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Build shelves, tire racks, or any other light- to medium-duty secondary deck in your trailer. These sockets are designed to hold one end of a 2x4 stud to your E-Track (sold separately). Screw holes are provided for more permanent installations.

  • Four sockets + E-Track along each wall of the trailer + two 2x4s = Instant Tire Rack!
  • Four sockets + E-Track along each wall + two 2x4s + one plywood sheet = Quick Shelf!
  • Two sockets + E-Track along each side of the floor + two 2x4s = Instant Tire Chock!

Strength rating depends on installation.

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instant tire rack


After putting off installing a tire rack in my TPD trailer for too long I decided to follow Pegasus's advise and use E-Track and E-track 2x4 beam sockets to create a tire rack. The E-track system and 2x4 aluminum tubing (upgrade from wood) tire rack works great. The rack holds 2 sets of tires for my Formula Mazda making trailer loading process easy and looks cool. Only regret is that I did not do this sooner.

FM shoe

Fair Oaks, CA


E-Track 2x4 Beam Socket Fitting

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