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21 inch Axle Strap with Sleeve and 2 D-Rings

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If you don't have a convenient tie-down anchor hook on your vehicle, add one! Just wrap an Axle Strap around an axle or other suspension component.

The durable two inch wide polyester webbing on these axle straps allows extremely long wear with minimal stretch. A heavy nylon outer sleeve protects both the webbing and the car's suspension. A triangular steel D-Ring at each end accepts most tie-down hooks, including the snap hooks found on our 2" Wide Ratchet Tie Down Straps (Part No. 2351, sold separately). The entire assembly is rated for a 1670 pound working load limit.* 21 inch overall length including D-rings. Sold individually.

* Note: When wrapped around an axle with both D-Rings attached to the same tie down, each leg of the strap carries half the load. For example, if the tie down is pulling with 2000 pounds of force, each leg of the axle strap is only loaded to 1000 pounds.

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Great product, well made. Would buy again


This strap easily threads throught my mini-lite race wheels on my Austin Healey vintage race car.


Portland, OR


These Axle Straps Not for Cars


While my Pegasus axle strap could be used on the next trip to take my Alfa Giulia to Alfa guru Dean Russell at Trail Auto in Detroit, I actually bought it for an old boat. I'm using the straps to hoist an old wooden boat off its trailer, both for repairing the trailer and repairing the boat. The boat is a 15-foot 1945 Wolverine fisherman-style (no forward deck), made in Grand Rapids, Mich. just at the end of World War II. You can imagine someone in the company saying "Well, the boys will be coming home pretty soon and they're going to want some fishing boats." So it's important that my Pegasus axle strap is doing a great job of hoisting the boat up and down. As soon as a few repsirs are made on the boat and the trailer, I'll put in some time on the motor, which is a green-cover Mercury Lightning. That will be just the kind of boat and motor I had when I was ten years old. I wonder if, when I get in that boat, I will be ten years old again. Wish me luck! PS: Pegasus sxle straps, tie-back straps and D-rings have kept 3 restored Alfas on the trailer for me over the last seven years. -- Carl Goodwin

Cactus Carl

Novelty, Ohio


21 inch Axle Strap with Sleeve and 2 D-Rings

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