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(H) FireBottle 10lb. FE-36 Spare Bottle, Manual

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Brand: FireBottle Fire Systems

SCCA now requires an SFI- or FIA-approved fire system in any car registered after 01/01/2009. SFI-approved systems are also SCCA-legal in all older cars. This bottle carries SFI 17.1 approval. It is fully interchangeable with FireBottle Halon bottles and can be used with the same nozzles in your old FireBottle system. It will also accept a Phoenix firing head and plumbing. Bottle measuers 5 1/4" OD x 17" Long. Installing a pull-cable actuating head (sold separately) adds approximately 2" to the overall length.

FE-36™ is the clean replacement for Halon. It has zero ozone depletion potential and performs comparably to Halon 1211, but with lower toxicity.

Note: (H) = Hazardous. All pressurized fire suppression systems are considered Hazardous by UPS and other shippers. A hazardous shipping charge of $32.00 (ground shipping) or $45.00 (air shipping) will apply. Due to shipping restrictions, we are not able to ship this product outside the USA.

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Great product, fantastic service!


The tech department was fantastic in resolving my questions on fire suppression system and made sure that I only ordered exactly what I needed. They then shipped it fast, making sure that my order was delivered in time so I could install it in time for. Track test and tune event. My purchase installed quickly, exactly as explained. It's so nice to have this tech service available. I now can participate at 4 vintage racing events with no concern about my fire suppression system.


saint louis, missouri


(H) FireBottle 10lb. FE-36 Spare Bottle, Manual

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