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FireBottle Fire Suppression Systems

FireBottle pressurized gas fire suppression systems are available with either Halon or SFI-approved, ozone-friendly DuPont FE-36™. These systems are all made in the USA.

Note: Due to rising costs, shrinking supply, and acceptance by fewer racing organizations, Halon systems are being phased out by FireBottle. The FE-36 systems and components are identical in all respects.

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Choosing and Using a Fire Suppression System

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SPA Small E Decal for Fire System Actuator
SPA Small E Decal for Fire System Actuator

This small (2 1/8" / 54mm) diameter "Red E" decal is generally placed inside the car, immediately near the fire system release cable or actuating button. Red E in a red circle on a white background.

Firebottle Discharge Adapter
Firebottle Discharge Adapter

This Firebottle discharge adapter is required to connect 1/4" tubing to the FireBottle firing head. 1/4 NPT threads on fitting.

(H) FireBottle 5lb. FE-36 Pull System
(H) FireBottle 5lb. FE-36 Pull System

This SFI 17.1-approved fire suppression system uses a pull cable to discharge 5 pounds of clean, environmentally-friendly FE-36. No cleanup required afterwards. SCCA legal in all cars.