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(H) FireBottle 5lb. FE-36 Pull System

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Brand: FireBottle Fire Systems

SCCA now requires an SFI- or FIA-approved fire system in any car registered after 01/01/2009. This system carries SFI 17.1 approval. It is also SCCA-legal in all older cars.

FE-36™ is the clean replacement for Halon. It has zero ozone depletion potential and performs comparably to Halon 1211, but with lower toxicity. No cleanup is required after discharge. Aluminum cylinder contains 5 pounds of extinguishing gas and measures 17.25 inches long (including actuating head) by 4 inches diameter. Complete system includes 4 foot pull cable, 8 feet of aluminum tubing, bottle mounting bracket, connectors, and two outlet nozzles.

Note: (H) = Hazardous. All pressurized fire suppression systems are considered Hazardous by UPS and other shippers. A hazardous shipping charge of $33.00 (ground shipping) or $46.50 (air shipping) will apply. Due to shipping restrictions, we are not able to ship this product outside the USA.

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Great Service!


I recently purchased a fire suppression system from Pegasus. The kit did not have any hardware with it. With just a phone call, the needed parts were overnighted to me so that I could finish the installation.


Prescott, AZ

excellent product have bought several


straight forward install, great instructions very well built

donut express

plymouth, wi


Fire bottle FE - 36


Though an SCCA IT entrant, I purchased and installed this fire bottle as a back up to the required hand held fire extinguisher. I like the idea of the red tag for the safety pin at the handle as it is a visual reminder to pull the pin prior to racing. My recommendation is that two red tags be acquired or provided, the second one for the safety pin at the bottle (to supplement a check list prior to on track sessions. This would make for easier identification of the pin when storing.

Jim the racer

Big Pine Key, FL


Would Buy Again for Next Car


I installed the system in a large car, so would have been nice to have slightly more tubing and pull cable length, but made it work just fine. Haven't had to test the system yet, but the components seem to be of very high quality.


Waterford, MI


Nice Kit, cable needed modification


Obviously it'd hard to review the performance of this items since I hope never to use it. Overall the kit was easy to install and included everything needed, seems like good quality. A word of warning, I did have some significant hassle making the supplied release wire fit inside the bottle neck. The thickness of the cable was about double the size of the hole in the filler neck. I had to lightly grind and sand down the last 2" of the cable tapered down to a needle point in order to make it fit smoothly into the bottle neck hole and pull out of the neck smoothly. It was a delicate operation and I luckily had the tools and patience to remove material a few hundredths at a time until it worked well enough to trust it. Also, the included safety pin on the handle end of the wire was bigger than the hole in the collar and handle. I drilled that out slightly to make the pin work, but I should have just used a smaller cotter pin. Whoever puts this package of items together should re-evaluate the pull cable choice.

Scuderia Ignorante Racing

San Angelo, Texas


5LB Fire bottle FE-36 Pull system


Needed new fire bottle for chump car. Fit great with easy instructions. Great purchase.


Wadsworth, IL, United States


(H) FireBottle 5lb. FE-36 Pull System

4.5 6