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Auto Meter 2-5/8" Phantom Fuel Level Gauge, 73-10 Ohm

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Brand: Auto Meter Gauges

The Auto Meter Phantom series features bold looks, with a bright white face and black bezel. Black markings and a bright orange needle offer great visibility. The 2 5/8" diameter gauge has a 60 degree sweep.

This electric Fuel Level Gauge will work with a Chrysler or early Ford sending unit (not included). This sender style has a non-linear resistance: 73 Ohms just below "E", 50 Ohms at Empty, 25 Ohms at half a tank, and 10 Ohms at Full. This range was used on many Chryslers and Fords prior to 1987.

Note: This gauge is designed for use with the original, non-linear sender only. Many aftermarket senders currently sold as "73 to 10 Ohms" have a linear movement, with 41 Ohms resistance in the middle of the scale. Using a linear sender will cause this gauge to read nearly half a tank when the tank is almost empty!

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