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Billet Remote Starter Button with Alligator Clips

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Brand: Longacre Racing Products

Crank your engine from the engine bay! This remote switch allows you to check compression without a helper, start your car while hand-choking the carburetor, or just bump the engine over when adjusting valve lash. Alligator clips are quick and easy to use. Just connect one side to a hot terminal and the other side to the starter switch terminal on the starter. The billet aluminum handle and heavy-duty, weatherproof pushbutton switch ensure long life, even with hard use.

Excellent for FF, FC, and S2! Start your car while hand-choking the carburetor or working the throttle, without climbing into the car. (I don't know about you, but my arms are about a foot and a half too short to reach the starter button and the carburetor at the same time!)

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