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Thread Repair Kit - Metric Series

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Perma-Coil Thread Repair Kits are the ideal way to repair stripped or damaged threads. Simply drill out the damaged threads, tap the new hole with the special tap provided in the kit, and insert the stainless steel coil using the installation tool provided. The resulting repair is actually stronger than the original threads! Install Perma-Coil inserts in new castings to prevent problems before they start. Each kit includes a special tap, an installation tool, and inserts in the quantity indicated. (Note the 14x1.25 kit does not include any inserts.) We also stock extra Perma-Coil Metric Insert Packs (Part No. 3873), Replacement Metric Perma-Coil Installation Tools (Part No. 3871), and Replacement Metric Perma-Coil Taps (Part No. 3872).

Also Available: Perma-Coil Thread Repair Kits in Inch Sizes (Part No. 3865).

A few common applications:
Formula Ford spark plug threads: 14x1.25
Hewland Mk 9 side cover and rear cover studs: 8x1.25mm
Hewland LD200 rear cover studs: 6x1.0
Hewland LD200 side cover studs, side studs, and bearing carrier studs: 8x1.25
Hewland LD200 front studs: 10x1.5
Oxygen sensor: 18x1.5

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Thread Repair Kit - (12 inserts) 6x1.0

$38.99 In Stock


Thread Repair Kit - (6 inserts) 8x1.0

$54.99 In Stock


Thread Repair Kit - (12 inserts) 8x1.25

$33.99 In Stock


Thread Repair Kit (6 inserts) - 10x1.0

$50.99 In Stock


Thread Repair Kit (12 inserts) - 10x1.25

$50.99 In Stock


Thread Repair Kit (12 inserts) - 10x1.5

$39.99 In Stock


Thread Repair Kit (6 inserts) - 12x1.25

$63.99 In Stock


Thread Repair Kit (6 inserts) - 12x1.5

$68.99 In Stock


Thread Repair Kit (6 inserts) - 12x1.75

$45.99 In Stock


Thread Repair Kit - 14x1.25 (Tap and Tool Only. No Inserts)

$73.99 In Stock


Thread Repair Kit (6 inserts) - 14x1.5

$79.99 In Stock


Thread Repair Kit (6 inserts) - 14x2.0

$62.99 In Stock


Thread Repair Kit (6 inserts) - 16x2.0

$86.99 In Stock


Thread Repair Kit (6 inserts) - 18x1.5

$89.99 In Stock

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