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Fuel Cell Pressure Relieving Vent Valve, In-Line, 6AN Male

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Brand: Fuel Safe Fuel Cells

This two-way check valve is designed to work like a one-way check valve on your vent line, but with an added safety feature. It allows air in as fuel is drawn out of the cell, but the spring closure minimizes fuel sloshing out of the vent line under cornering (just like a one-way check valve). If the pressure in the tank builds (for example, if the car is parked in the sun on a hot day), the valve will open to vent to the atmosphere, relieving pressure in the cell while minimizing evaporation. Perfect for closed-loop fuel systems. Opens to allow air in at 0.08 psi (0.0055 bar); opens to let air out at 0.725 psi (0.05 bar). Can be mounted in any position. 6AN male fittings allow easy in-line plumbing.

Note: Because of the low outlet pressure, this valve should still be used with a Rollover Vent Valve. This valve will not prevent fuel spillage in the event of a rollover.

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