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Magnetic Plug, Hex Socket 1/8-27 NPT

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Magnetic plugs are a small investment that can help to prevent damage and wear in engines and gearboxes. They provide an easy way to check for unusual wear which may precede a failure. Small ferrous (iron / steel) particles in your oil or coolant stick to the magnet for inspection. This also helps to minimize further damage that these abrasive particles can cause when they are allowed to circulate.

Use this plug to replace any standard 1/8 NPT oil gallery plug in your engine block, or a drain plug in your oil tank, cooling system, or transmission.

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strong magnet


drilled and tapped rear end for leaks almost invisible no complaints. will show to other people .


west spfld mass 01089


I was impressed!


I bought this magnetic plug for the rear differential drain on my 1970 Bronco. I installed new gears and wanted to capture any metal that might wind up in the lube from the gears breaking in. I was impressed by the large physical size of the magnet, considering this is only an 1/8" NPT plug, as well as the strength. All that, and it was one of the less expensive magnetic plugs I'd found. I've changed the gear lube once already and this magnetic plug is certainly doing it's job. I would recommend this magnetic plug to anyone.


Phoenix, AZ


Magnetic Plug, Hex Socket 1/8-27 NPT

5.0 2