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Wheel Studs - Subaru WRX/BRZ, Scion FRS, 3" Long (5-pack)

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Brand: Automotive Racing Products (ARP)

Heat-treated 8740 chrome moly studs have a tensile strength of 190,000 psi to handle the shock loads and lateral forces in racing applications. This set fits the Subaru WRX. Pack of 5 studs. Lug nuts are sold separately.

  • Knurl Diameter: 0.565"
  • Knurl Length: 0.270"
  • Nose (unthreaded) Length: 0.350"
  • Total Shank Length (including knurl and nose): 3.00"
  • Thread Size: M12x1.25

Install in a 0.560" hole in cast iron or steel hubs, or in a 0.558" hole in aluminum hubs.

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