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Anti-Seize Compound, MIL-A-907-E, 8 oz Brush-top Can

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Anti-seize is a special kind of lubricant that is intended to prevent fasteners from rusting together. Liberal use of anti-seize on bolt threads and on bolt and nut bearing surfaces can make future disassembly much easier.

This high-temperature anti-seize is great for exhaust manifold bolts, spark plug threads, lug nuts, and much more. Use it in just about any application* where two different metals come in contact to prevent galvanic corrosion. It protects up to 2000°F, which makes it a great choice for exhaust system fasteners. The high aluminum content provides better corrosion protection than most copper-colored anti-seize compounds. The graphite lubricating ingredients make it appropriate for lubricating hinges and pivots where conventional grease might not work. You can even use a thin layer to prevent stubborn gaskets from sticking.

Exceeds MIL-A-907 E specifications. Contains no lead or molybdenum disulfide. Reduce assembly torque values by 20% when using on threaded fasteners. Brush-cap 8 ounce can will last an average shop for years.

* Not recommended for pure oxygen systems.

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