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FF1600 Main Bearing Set

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These are the standard main bearings for the Formula Ford 1600 ("Kent/Cortina") engine. These bearings fit the standard 2.271" (57.69mm) bearing bore in the block. If your block has been line-bored to correct an alignment problem, you will need our .015" Oversize OD FF1600 Main Bearings (Part No. 1504). Main bearings are sold in sets of 10 (one set completes one 4-cylinder engine).

Crankshaft Measurements for Main Bearing Sizes
Bearing Size
Crankshaft Journal
Diameter (inches)
Crankshaft Journal
Diameter (mm)
Bearing Part No.
Standard 2.125" - 2.126" 53.983mm - 54.003mm 1502-Std
1st Undersize /
10 Under
2.115" - 2.116" 53.729mm - 53.749mm 1502-010
2nd Undersize /
20 Under
2.105" - 2.106" 53.475mm - 53.495mm 1502-020
3rd Undersize /
30 Under
2.095" - 2.096" 53.221mm - 53.241mm 1502-030
4th Undersize /
40 Under
2.085" - 2.086" 52.959mm - 52.984mm 1502-040

Fits all Pre-crossflow (5 main only), crossflow, Fiesta, Lotus Twin Cam, and Cosworth BDA/BDD (block numbers 2731, 2733, 2737, 120, 681, 691, 701, 711, and 771).

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Condition: New

FF1600 Main Bearings, -.010 Size

$119.99In Stock

Condition: New

FF1600 Main Bearings, -.020 Size

$119.99In Stock

Condition: New

FF1600 Main Bearings, -.030 Size

$119.99In Stock

Condition: New

FF1600 Main Bearings, -.040 Size

$119.99In Stock

Condition: New

FF1600 Main Bearings, Standard Size

$119.99In Stock
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