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Hyperco Universal Hydraulic Spring Perch (not threaded)

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These precision devices allow the spring end coils to tilt up to 4 degrees as the spring is compressed, reducing the bending loads on your shocks by as much as 96%. This reduction in side force and friction allows more force and energy to be directed to the car's mechanical grip while reducing wear on your shocks.

This isn't just theory. Hydraulic perches have proven themselves on the track with rave reviews and reduced lap times. Having a hydraulic perch at one end of the spring will reduce shock bending loads significantly; however, hydraulic perches at both ends of the spring will provide optimum performance.

These universal add-on perches fit most coil-over shocks using 2", 2.25", or 2.5" ID springs. They are designed to be used in conjunction with your existing spring perches. Just slide the hydraulic perch onto the shock and fit it between the spring and your existing perch.

Universal Hydraulic Spring Perch Dimensions
Spring ID Perch ID Perch OD Perch Height* Part No.
2" 1.85" 3.25" 0.70" 1870-2.00
2 1/4" 2.10" 3.49" 0.74" 1870-2.25
2 1/2" 2.35" 3.74" 0.83" 1870-2.50

* Each perch will add this much to your spring length.

Your shock body must be smaller than the Perch ID listed. Users have reported that these perches do not fit Koni 8212 shocks.

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Universal Hydraulic 2.00" Spring Perch (not threaded)

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Universal Hydraulic 2.25" Spring Perch (not threaded)

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Universal Hydraulic 2.50" Spring Perch (not threaded)

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