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Elite Hybrid Sport Cooling Vest

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The Elite Hybrid Sport cooling vest combines TechKewl phase change (ice pack) technology with Hyperkewl evaporative technology to keep you cool on truly blistering days. You can also use just one cooling method on less sweltering days.

The TechKewl phase changing cool packs "freeze" at a cool (but not cold) 58° F to keep you comfortably cool. Simply place the gel packs into a cooler of ice water for about 20 minutes to stay cool for a few hours.
The Hyperkewl evaporative vest is great for cooling between sessions. Just soak the vest in water for a minute and squeeze it out. Evaporation will keep you cool for hours before rewetting is needed.*

Use both methods together or one at a time. Use the ice packs during a race, then wet the vest for impound after the race. Use ice packs in the morning, evaporative cooling in the late afternoon, and combine the two at noon.

The vest has 2 front pockets and 2 back pockets for ice packs. Four phase-changing Cool Pax are supplied with each vest. We also offer Replacement Hybrid Vest Cool Pax (Part No. 2745-022). Buy an extra set and rotate them for maximum all-day cooling!

Includes vest, four Cool Pax, and a soft-sided cooler to keep everything together and ready to go.

* Evaporative cooling is not recommended when the vest is worn under another garment (such as a driver's suit).

Elite Hybrid Sport Cooling Vest Size Chart
Measurement XS S M L XL XXL XXXL
Chest 30 - 31" 32 - 33" 34 - 35" 36 - 37" 38 - 40" 41 - 43" 44 - 46"
Front Length** 21" 22" 23" 24" 25" 26" 27"

** Rear of the vest is 1" longer than the front measurement.

Note: Due to import restrictions, we are not able to ship this product to Mexico.

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Elite Hybrid Sport Cooling Vest, X-Small

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Elite Hybrid Sport Cooling Vest, Small

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Elite Hybrid Sport Cooling Vest, Medium

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Elite Hybrid Sport Cooling Vest, Large

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Elite Hybrid Sport Cooling Vest, X-Large

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Elite Hybrid Sport Cooling Vest, XX-Large

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Elite Hybrid Sport Cooling Vest, XXX-Large

$199.99In Stock

Cools better than expected


I use this vest under my racing suit. On a 94 degree day for an hour race it kept me cool! The cool packs re freeze very quickly. The vest fits well under my racing suit and harness.




Horseback riding, hiking, gardening in 100 degrees


The only way I want to be in summer heat over 90 is with this jacket. Even without the cubes the jacket cools you down.I use it for horseback riding when it's 85 degrees and over. It came in a nice bag to keep it all together. Very worth the money to me be cause I send a lot of time outdoors in the california heat. It dries fast when there is a lot of wind bit I carry a cold ice bag with water to reapply.


Rancho cucamonga


Elite Hybrid Sport Cooling Vest

5.0 2