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FilterMag Engine Oil Filter Enhancer

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The greatest amount of wear in your engine is caused by contaminants that are not stopped by your vehicle's oil filter. Circulating engine oil contains many iron and steel particles that are too small to be stopped by the filter media. Larger steel particles can even cut through oil filter media. All of these circulating particles cause increased engine wear. FilterMag contains extremely powerful rare earth magnets that trap and retain ferrous metal particles from 100 microns to as small as 2 microns or less.

A FilterMag unit easily snaps onto any steel-bodied spin-on oil filter measuring 4 1/4" to 5 1/2" OD (such as the Fram HP6A NASCAR Racing Oil Filter, sold separately). FilterMag is completely reusable from the first oil and filter change to the next. You simply remove it, wipe it off and re-install it on the new filter. Great for the race engine, tow vehicle, or your daily driver. This specific series of FilterMag is engineered specifically for the extreme demands of large diesel trucks, racing vehicles and other heavy-duty applications.

Note: We highly recommend an internal oil filter inspection every time you change your oil filter. Our Oil Filter Cutting Tool makes these inspections easy.

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Filtermag for 4.25" - 5.50" Engine Oil Filters

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