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Vernier Control Cable

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These heavy-duty cables are perfect for adjustable sway bars. The Vernier control knob eliminates the need for a separate detent mechanism for input control. It also allows for much finer adjustment than most detent handles can provide.

The Vernier control moves the cable 3/16 inch for each full turn of the control knob. Depressing the button in the center of the knob allows rapid travel to either end of travel. From there, you can count the number of turns to reach your desired setting. The control is resistant to vibration and will generally remain at the set point, but a lock nut (provided) can be used to positively prevent changes to your setting.

The free end of the cable has 10-32 male threads to accept a variety of different fittings. The free end of the housing is grooved for easy clip-in attachment. Use either our Bolt-Down Housing Clamp (Part No. 3464) or our Quick-Release Housing Clamp (Part No. 3465) for a compact and lightweight mount. Mounting clamps are sold separately. The Vernier end is designed to be mounted through a bracket or panel (such as the dash panel).

These cables have a working load rating of 60 pounds in compression and 120 pounds in tension. The length is measured from the tip of the threads of the free cable end to the mounting panel. All lengths have 3 inches of cable travel and a 3" minimum bend radius.

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108 inch Vernier Control Cable

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140 inch Vernier Control Cable

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48 inch Vernier Control Cable

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60 inch Vernier Control Cable

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72 inch Vernier Control Cable

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84 inch Vernier Control Cable

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Vernier Control Cable, 91" long

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96 inch Vernier Control Cable

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