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Kart Rear Axle Hub Bushing Kit

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Ever have one of those days when track bite is so severe that your rear wheel and hub keep running in on your axle? With these bushing kits, days like that are over.

To install, just remove your rear wheel and stack the appropriate bushings inside your hub to take up the gap between the end of your axle and the back of your wheel. Now when force is applied during hard cornering the wheel and hub remain soundly in place. You'll wonder how you ever got along without them. Each kit includes a total of ten bushings, two each of five different sizes: 1/16" (.065) 1/8" (.129) 1/4" (.251) 1/2" (.500) 3/4" (.750). Maximum total stack thickness is 3.39" (or 2 stacks measuring 1.695" each).* Specify 40mm or 50mm axle diameter.

* Note: Depending on how wide you run your rear width, you may need more than one kit. To find out, remove the rear wheels. Stick a steel ruler into the hub and measure from the end of the axle to the hub face. If the total for both sides is greater than 3.39", you will need more than one kit.

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Axle Hub Bushing Kit, 40mm

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Axle Hub Bushing Kit, 50mm

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