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Motul GEAR 300 LS Limited Slip Synthetic Racing Gear Oil

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Brand: Motul

GEAR 300 LS from Motul is a 100% synthetic ester based transmission and differential lubricant formulated for racing. It is suitable for all types of manual transmissions, transaxles, and differentials.

The "LS" stands for Limited Slip. GEAR 300 LS is formulated to be less slippery than standard GEAR 300 oil, making it a great choice for transmissions with worn synchros and clutch-type limited slip differentials where increased lockup is desired. The GL-5 gear lube rating allows its use with both hypoid and straight-cut gears (perfect for racing transaxles).

The 75W-90 viscosity offers excellent low-temperature flow for easy cold shifting, while the zero shear loss formula ensures that the hot viscosity will not stray from 90 weight, even under extreme conditions. GEAR 300 LS is compatible with all seal materials and is non-corrosive to bronze parts (shift forks, synchros, etc). Note that street-driven clutch-type limited-slip differentials may experience increased chatter due to the reduced slippage.

Motul GEAR 300 LS meets API GL-5 standards. It is tinted green to distinguish it from standard Motul GEAR 300.

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Motul GEAR 300 Limited Slip Synthetic Racing Gear Oil, 75w90

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