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NAS1097 Reduced Head Solid Rivets, 1/8 Inch

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These 1/8 inch diameter flat head Shear Rivets have a very small countersunk head that allows flush installation even in thin materials. They are ideal for installing Self-Locking Nut Plates. Also known as Oops Rivets because the shank is oversized compared to AN426 flush rivets, which can compensate for an oversized hole in non-critical applications.

Because of the undersized head, they should not be used as replacements for standard MS20426 countersunk rivets in structural applications. They are suitable for any non-critical application where they will be subjected primarily to sheal loading. Sold in 1/10 pound packages which contain approximately 300-400 rivets depending upon the length.

NAS1097 Rivet Specifications and Designations
Designation NAS1097 AD 4
(first dash number)
(second dash number)
Specification Part Material Shank diameter
1/32" increments
Shank length
1/16" increments
ValueRivet, Solid Shank,
100° Flush Head
Aluminum Alloy
1/8" L x 1/16"

Choosing the correct length: The FAA recommends extra length of 1.33 to 1.5 times the diameter to make the shop formed head. For NAS1097AD4 rivets, add 0.166" to 0.188" to the thickness of the assembly to find the rivet length needed. Example: The -4 size (1/4" long) can be used on assemblies 0.062" to 0.084" thick.

Hole Preparation: The FAA recommends drilling a pilot hole using a 1/8" drill bit and drilling to final size using a #30 (0.1285") drill bit. The oversized hole minimuzes the chance of scraping off the protective coating while inserting the rivet, and bucking the rivet will cause it to expand to fill the hole.

Installation tools required, sold separately:
If the rivets will be installed near the edge of a panel, you can install them using our Hand Rivet Squeezer (Part No. 1189, sold separately). If the distance to the panel edge is greater than 3 inches, a rivet gun and bucking bar will be needed.

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NAS1097 Reduced Head Rivets, 1/8 x 0.187" Length (1/10 lb.)

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NAS1097 Reduced Head Rivets, 1/8 x 0.219" Length (1/10 lb.)

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NAS1097 Reduced Head Rivets, 1/8 x 0.250" Length (1/10 lb.)

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