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PFC Racing Brake Pad, Audi, BMW E32/ E34/ E36, Jag XJ (D394)

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Brand: Performance Friction Corporation (PFC)

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FMSI D394 fits:
1988-91 Audi 200 Turbo & Quattro
1988-95 and 2001-02 BMW 525i
1996-2000 BMW 528i
1993-95 BMW 530i / 540i
1989-93 BMW 535i
1988-92 BMW 735i / IL
1989-95 BMW 740i
1988-94 BMW 750iL
1987-88 BMW L7
1995-2004 BMW M3
1991-93 BMW M5
1998-2002 BMW Z3 M Series
1990-2002 Jaguar XJ series (except 2002 XJ-R) and XK 8

08 Compound is designed for endurance racing in applications where smooth initial bite is a must. It has a slight friction rise with temperature, with excellent release and modulation characteristics. Very low abraded disc wear with a fine grey slate like disc finish, similar to 01 Compound. Despite its considerable performance, 08 is one of the longest-wearing of all PFC compounds. It easily matches the wear of other brands, but with much higher bite.

11 Compound was developed from the popular 01 Compound for sprint and medium-distance racing. This compound was designed with improved bite, modulation, and release characteristics. The result is ultra-smooth braking with reduced wheel locking at the end of a stop. 11 can be used in a large spectrum of temperature ranges. Pad wear is on par with 01 Compound, with superior disc conditioning. Virtually zero taper wear when raced in a properly designed race caliper. It is ideal for use in medium- or low-grip situations such as hard spec tires or light cars with no downforce.

97 Compound has a very flat torque curve with less overall torque than the 01 Compound. The 97 Compound was formulated with excellent modulation and release as the primary objectives. Extremely easy on discs and very long wearing. Lowest friction of any PFC compound. Recommended for applications where wear and modulation are more important than ultimate torque.

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PFC Brake Pad, Audi/BMW (D394), 08 Compound

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PFC Brake Pad, Audi/BMW (D394), 11 Compound

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PFC Brake Pad, Audi/BMW (D394), 97 Compound

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