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PFC Racing Brake Pad, Formula Atlantic, F3000, F3, Alcon, AP

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Brand: Performance Friction Corporation (PFC)

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Fits AP Racing CP3345 / CP4567 / CP5000-53 / CP5100 and Alcon H-Type calipers. Typical applications include Trans-Am, GT-1, Formula 3, F3000, and Formula Atlantic. This shape is similar to the PF740, but the area below the side notches is wider and deeper.

Carbon Metallic pads contain no asbestos, no Kevlar, and no lead or clay fillers. They offer superior braking, pedal feel and longer life without fade at high temperatures. The friction material is integrally molded to the backing plate using the patented Ionic Fusion system for the highest shear strength in the brake industry. Braking characteristics remain constant throughout the life of the pads.

01 Compound has a very high, very flat torque curve for good initial bite, excellent pedal modulation, and a fast, smooth release. Torque rises very little with temperature, which makes these pads very predictable. Easy on rotors and long-wearing. All-purpose pad for a variety of racing applications.

13 Compound has ultra-high bite and very high friction for sprint racing on high grip tracks or with very high downforce cars. Excellent release characteristics for smooth braking with exceptional control and modulation. Very high fade resistance at high temperatures. Pad wear is similar to 01 Compound, with superior disc conditioning. Lowest taper wear of any high-bite, high-torque pads on the market when used in properly designed race calipers. Recommended for fast cars with high downforce that can take advantage of increased bite in the first 1/3 of the stop.

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PFC Brake Pad, AP Racing, Formula A, F3, F3000, 01 Compound

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PFC Brake Pad, AP Racing, Formula A, F3, F3000, 13 Compound

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