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Wilwood 7912 Brake Pad, Wilwood Powerlite, PL2R/ST

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Brand: Wilwood Engineering

The Wilwood 7912 pad shape fits Wilwood Powerlite radial mount calipers, including the PL2R/ST caliper for FF2000. Pads are sold in axle sets (one box fills 2 calipers).

A - PolyMatrix A has the highest friction (hot and cold) of any Wilwood racing compound. The low wear rate and extremely high temperature range makes it suitable for endurance racing in the most severe applications. The quick low-temperature response makes PolyMatrix A very flexible. Higher friction than all other Wilwood compounds from 200°F to 1000°F (tied for first with PolyMatrix H from 800°F to 1000°F). Peak friction between 300°F and 800°F.

BP-40 - Smartpad BP-40 is a very high-friction racing compound with an extra-high heat range (up to 1300° F). Cold friction is lower than the A or H compounds, which makes it a more predictable choice for off-road racing and road racing on longer tracks. Suitable for use with iron, or steel rotors, but the friction has been tuned to be especially good on titanium rotors. Recommended for FF2000.

H - PolyMatrix H is a severe-duty racing compound designed to cope with extremely high heat. Friction rises predictably from high to extra-high as temperature and pedal pressure increase. H has the highest friction level of any Wilwood pad from 1000°F to 1300°F (and is tied for first with PolyMatrix A from 800°F to 1000°F). Compatible with iron or steel rotors including stainless steel. Recommended for high-horsepower cars and cars with enough downforce to take advantage of the increased friction.

B - PolyMatrix B is a medium-duty racing compound with a high heat range. Friction rises from medium to high as the heat rises from 300°F to 700°F (dropoff begins around 1100°F). PolyMatrix B is compatible with all iron and steel rotors. Recommended for medium-weight road racing (IT and most Production classes), most asphalt circle track, rally, and extreme autocross.

E - PolyMatrix E offers consistent friction from 300°F to 800°F. The medium friction level and medium temperature range are recommended for light-duty applications from drag racing (steel rotors) and dirt track (vented iron rotors) to autocross. Suitable for road racing on lighter, low-horsepower cars such as Club Formula Ford. PolyMatrix E is acceptable for use on the street.

BP-10 - Smartpad BP-10 was designed as a high-performance street pad, with higher friction and lower dust than most replacement pad compounds. BP-10 can take the heat of the occasional track day in a medium-horsepower car. This is the pad compound supplied with most Wilwood street disc brake conversion and upgrade kits.

BP-20 - Smartpad BP-20 is designed to handle the extreme temperatures of all-out competition use, while still maintaining acceptable street manners in dual-purpose cars. BP-20 has the highest friction level and the highest temperature range of any streetable Wilwood pad. When other street pads overheat and fade, BP-20 is just getting started! Exceeds the maximum friction of other Wilwood street and dual-purpose compounds from 600° to 1100°F. Suitable for extreme track day cars that get driven to the track, light- to medium-duty road racing, heavy-duty dirt track, and heavy drag cars.

Q - PolyMatrix Q is a ceramic-based compound. It has a medium-low temperature range with medium friction and medium initial bite and has very low dust and noise levels in typical street use. Q compound is compatible with aluminum, steel, and iron brake rotors. With peak friction between 400°F and 600°F, PolyMatrix Q can be used on dirt sprint cars with aluminum rotors.

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Wilwood 7912 Street Performance Brake Pad, BP-10 Compound

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Condition: New
SKU: 72516

Wilwood 7912 Street/Track Brake Pad, BP-20 Compound

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Condition: New
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Wilwood 7912 Racing Brake Pad, BP-40 Compound

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WW7912-PolyMatrix A
Condition: New
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Wilwood 7912 Racing Brake Pad, PolyMatrix A Compound

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WW7912-PolyMatrix B
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Wilwood 7912 Racing Brake Pad, PolyMatrix B Compound

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WW7912-PolyMatrix E
Condition: New
SKU: 72520

Wilwood 7912 Racing Brake Pad, PolyMatrix E Compound

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